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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  I had, notice the word “had” a busy week, until I broke my wrist.   Last Monday I was spraying all of my rose bushes with Miracle Gro and missed a step and fell! I broke my wrist!    I came inside and took this picture of my wrist to send my oldest son.  He immediately called me and said “Mama, you need to go to E.R. I think you broke your scaphoid.” My nephew came quickly and took me to E.R.  Sure enough after x-rays, the dr told me that my scaphoid is fracture.  I have a cast on it and have to wear a sling too.  I have an appointment to see an orthopedist.  Please keep me in your prayers that I will have a fast recovery.  I had planned to do a lot of projects around the house.  But as you can see, I am tolerating the pain and I’m able to type at least a little bit! ha ha! Thank goodness!  So please please, y’all be careful out there!   Don’t break anything like yours truly!   I hope you all are having a good summer.