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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flaunt Your Red!

flaunt_thumb[1] Hello! 

I am very excited to be participating in Flaunt Your Red.  This is my first time participating.  I love the color red. :) Please visit  Nancy @ and check out the rest of the participants.  You will love all the different shades of reds. :)

First off is my arrangement I have in my entrance hallway.  I bought it at Kirkland’s.  I love it. 

IMG_2800 Check this little box out.  I love it.  I have potpourri in it and open it every once in a while.  


This is my laptop.  And you guessed it :D  It is red!  Please excuse the smudges on it.  *blushing here*


See my trash can?  It’s red of course!!  I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I erased my floor because it’s not very pretty.



And last but not least………My fireplace.  It was a cream color when we moved in oh about 10 yrs ago.  I decided to paint it a color from Behr called Chili Pepper.  I’m not crazy about the brass but maybe someday we can change that.  But…. I love love my red fireplace!  


My kitchen is painted the same color. lol  I’ll post more reds next time.  Until then……..please visit everyone else participating in Flaunt Your Red. :)



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday



It’s Outdoor Wednesday!  Yay!  Please visit the lovely Susan @  Thank you Susan!  Check out the rest of the participants as well.  Leave comments please.

  Very pretty!




I’d like to share one of my little climbing rose bushes.  It used to be planted along my house but we decided to move it.  I’m happy to say that it made the transition and is thriving!  hee hee! 


My snapdragons are growing so fast!  I think they enjoy being by my statue of Mary. :)  The rose bush behind “her” gives a very pretty white rose that is full of scent.  I love taking in the different scents my roses have.  


This precious angel is happy and content to be part of my garden. :)



This little faux rabbit is enjoying the shade that the rose bush gives him.  IMG_2773

And this precious little angel says “bye bye for now” :)


Have a lovely Wednesday!


Monday, April 27, 2009

My Pretty Flowers!

Hello blog world!  I went a little overboard and bought a bunch of colorful faux flowers.  I placed a few on my table.  I bought tons more. :D Sssh!  Don’t tell hubby!  Just kidding!  He knows. 


Anyway… I also bought this bird house  and a couple of grapevines. .  So what do you think I plan on doing with them? ;)  Stay tuned blog world :)


I was also looking for giant-sized faux butterflies.  Hobby Lobby didn’t have any at all.  I’m thinking of making some…somehow.  :D  Any ideas? 

I hope everyone has a love Monday.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Hopeful Friday


Hello and welcome to Hopeful Friday.  This is hosted by the lovely Cielo, at   Hopeful Friday is dedicated to positive thoughts, hope, and inspirational messages.  It is especially dedicated to God!  Praise be to HIM.

Thank you Cielo for hosting this!  Please click on the link to learn more about Hopeful Friday and to read other inspirational thoughts. 

I want to share this you tube.  It’s Natalie Grant and I love this song. :)   “Our Hope Endures”

We can never lose hope. 



They say hope dies last
I believe this to be true
When I have nothing left to believe in
Hope gives me the courage to hold on
Giving me the strength that I didn't know I had
Hope picks me up so I can continue on
It fills you with it's warmth
And encircles you with it's safety
It will keep you strong in times of despair
And just when you think you're all alone
In the end Hope will be there
Stephanie J. DeMartino


Have a Hopeful Friday and weekend. :)

Blessings, :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three or More Tuesday



Three or More Tuesday is sponsored by the lovely Tam at Please visit her blog for more Three or More Tuesday pictures. :)

This morning I looked around  my house to take pictures of something.  I looked and looked and there they were looking back at me.  My crosses.  I definitely have more than three. :) 

This first cross is next to my message on the wall.   I had first seen this easy peel decor on Rhoda's blog and loved it.  So I went to Hobby Lobby and had hoped that they had my favorite bible verse…..I can do all things thru Christ…They didn’t have it so I decided on this verse.  Love it!


This cross I have on a little table next to some pictures of my boys and grandson. :)   I like it there because of the message that is on the cross.  I think it fits nicely with the pictures.


These crosses are on my entrance hallway walls.  IMG_2761IMG_2762 I hope you enjoy my crosses. :) 

Have a great Tuesday. 


Monday, April 20, 2009

Admiring God’s Creations.

What precious creations our HEAVENLY FATHER does for us.  As I was walking thru my gardens, I couldn’t  help but feel the love HE has for us.  None of these beautiful flowers, plants, trees, or anything else happen just by chance.  Nothing is here by chance.  Everything is created by HIM.   Look at this precious rose.   Can you just imagine the scent it has?  So darling. :)


I love love this rose!  I can’t even tell you that I have a favorite.  They are all my babies. :) 

IMG_2744  IMG_2745


We planted a peach tree not too long ago and I’m happy to report that it has 5 little peaches growing! 


I am going to plant veggies as well.   I had a veggie garden about 2 years ago and it did great.  I had squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries.  The strawberries didn’t do as well as the rest.   Wish me luck on my veggie garden. :) 

Anyone else have a veggie garden?  What do you plant?

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday. :)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fabulous Saturday!

What a beautiful day it was today!  I’ve been helping hubby pull weeds from the garden.  Those things come back every year, don’t they? ;)

This morning I talked my hubby into going with me to garage sales.  He’s such a sweetie that I had no problem getting him to go with me. :)  I did find some things.  I found this angel and it was a brassy color.  I just painted him white.  When he’s nice and dry, I’m going to distress it a little bit.  He’s not ready to be shown yet. ;)  

Gosh!  I am learning so much from you gals!  :)  Thank you!

I also found this angel and it was already in a pretty white color so I didn’t have to do anything else to it but add it to my collection. :)  Paid 2.00. :)


I have her here for now. She is sharing a space with the bunny.  I haven’t put my bunnies away yet. :) 


I also found some crochet doilies and pillows.   So pretty! 


We also went to an estate sale and I found this antique chair!  


Precious canister!  I found this as well.   I paid 3.00 for this. :)



Pretty lid! 


And that is it for now!  I really enjoyed this Saturday. :) 

  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

God Bless,


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Three Or More Tuesday.


This is my first time participating in the Three or More Tuesday.  :)  I hope I do this right.  hee hee

Please visit Gypsy Aka Tam  lovely blog to see more Three or More! :) 

Well I didn’t know what to show you guys for three or more.   I decided to show some of my angels.  I collect angels and these wanted to be shown. :) IMG_2616

They from the collection  Ingrid...Angels Beside Me

I love the detail on them. :)  I hope you enjoyed my angels.  May they bring joy to you.

Have a lovely day,


Friday, April 10, 2009

Reflecting on Easter

We just watched “The Passion of the Christ” as we do every year on Good Friday.    I am reflecting on what Easter means to us.  It’s not about the rabbits, the chocolate candy, the eggs, or baskets.  It’s about what our Lord Jesus Christ did for us.   No matter what we go thru in life, it is nothing compared to what Jesus went thru.   Everyday I wake up thanking the Lord for a new day.  I thank HIM for everything HE does for us.  So thankful. :)

I wanted to share a blog I wrote last year.  Right around this time.

Easter season 2008:

Something that happened this morning.....
Current mood: thankful

This morning after I came back from my walk, I started pruning my rosebushes.  I had many cuts on my hands from those thorns.  Some bled quite a bit.  Then I started thinking...........If I had this many cuts on my hands and they hurt quite a bit, can you imagine what our Lord Jesus Christ went thru when the crown of thorns was placed on his forehead?  (I ended up crying as I pruned my rosebushes)

Not only did they place that crown on his forehead, but he was also whipped, spit on, mocked, and lastly had to carry his own cross.  He was cruxified, nails hammered in, etc.  All of this happened to save us.

Everyone have a Blessed Easter. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday!



I will play “Outdoor Wednesday” too:)   Please visit Susan at to enjoy more “Outdoor Wednesday” :)

I love working in my garden and just took these pictures of some of my roses.  Here is my 1st picture.  She is a yellow rose and she is taking in the sunshine. :)  Aren’t they lovely?



This one is a little shy.  She’s hiding behind a stem. :) 


And this one doesn’t look her best but she’s just as beautiful. :)


I hope you guys enjoyed my roses. 

Remember to visit Susan at to enjoy more “Outdoor Wednesday” :)

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, April 6, 2009

It’s the little things that count…..

It is a cold morning, the temperature is 35 at this moment. Who would have thought that it would be this cold. :) But I’m not feeling cold, I am feeling this warmth. Love and Warmth. Today is my birthday and I have gotten calls all morning from family, some friends wishing me a happy birthday. I have wonderful friends who I have met thru the www……my twin moms. I am very blessed to have them in my life. I looooove them all!!! They have been with me thru it all. Many many good times, some tough times. Oh boy….a very tough time. If you ever think you’re just not going to make it, take it a day at a time. If that is too much, take it one minute at a time. Hold on to our Heavenly Father’s hand and don’t let go. Keep the faith.

My husband bought tulips for me and I placed them in one of my vases. I love tulips! Not as much as roses but tulips are next in line. :)


Then I decided to take pictures of my little things that count. :)

IMG_2434 A close up of a tulip. Pretty, isn’t it? I love the color.


Look at this bunny. Isn’t she pretty? I found her at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t leave her there all alone. She is proudly holding some roses for me.


And these bunnies are waiting for spring warm weather. I know it’s around the corner. I’m looking forward to spring weather. :)


And I love this potpourri I just bought.

See….I told you! It’s the little things that count. :)

Everyone have a blessed day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yay! I was given an award!


uber_awardYay!  I am very blessed to have been given this award by Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage and Inspirations.   Thank you very much, Sandi. I am very honored that you chose me for this special award.  Especially being a newbie to the blogger world.  lol  Thank you! 

So just what is a Uber award? Here is the history of the award:

Uber {synonym of super} Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites that inspire you, make you smile and laugh, gives amazing information, a great read, have an amazing design, and any other reasons you can think of that makes them Uber amazing!

Here are the rules that go along with the award:

  1. Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
  2. Nominate at least 5 blogs {or more} that for you are amazing.
  3. Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
  4. Come back here and comment so that your link could be added to the master list of awardees.

So far there are many  amazing blogs out there that it was hard for me to choose. 

I hope you will go visit each one of them and also visit Sandi who passed the award to me. :) 

Here are the five people I am giving the award to.  It was hard to choose but i’ve really enjoyed these blogs:

Rhoda from

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windy Day!

The winds have been been very bad in this part. Praying that it brings some rain. We really need rain. So here I sit drinking my coffee and listening to the wind chimes I have hanging in my porch. :) What a beautiful sound they make.

My twin boys had their 9th birthday yesterday. :) I went thru old photos of them when they were babies. Our kids grow so fast, don’t they? MYBABIES

I want to share the curtain I made for my little window in my kitchen. I am putting my new sewing machine to good use. :) I am planning on adding something along the front to hide that hideous looking light fixture. LOL Please excuse the dirty window. It’s dirty from the outside. mykitchencurtain

See these corbels? I found them at a garage sale. They were a brass color so I decided to paint them white. I then added some antique finish to make them look …you guessed it… antique:D I really like how they look now!IMG_2425


Remember to keep the faith.

I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. :)

Sincerely Sandra.