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Monday, May 30, 2011

He Is With Our Heavenly Father

Let’s see if I remember how to do this still.
Hello my dear friends.  I have been MIA.  I hope y’all remember me.  Some of you may remember back when I posted about my  father in law and his dealing with Alzheimer’s.  That horrible disease. :(  Here is my previous post. and here is another previous that I mentioned my father in law and this terrible disease.
I am sad to say that he passed on April 19th, 2011.  April 19th was during Holy Week.  Someone told us that he must have been so holy himself to have passed during holy week.  I have no doubt in my mind that this is true.  He was a man of God who loved the Lord with all his heart.  He was devoted to the church and to Eucharistic Adoration every Thursday evening for years and years. 
On Easter Sunday, we attended Mass with our Mother in law and then went to have breakfast.  You see, we viewed my father in law for the first time on Easter.  The kids all understood that this year there would be no dying eggs or an Easter egg hunting.  We would spend our Easter at the funeral home.  And I am so proud to say that everyone of the children in our family behaved properly.  I am beyond proud of them all. 
Even though we were all expecting this, it is still hard.  We all took it very hard.  I was honored to make a slide show of his life.  My husband and I cried and cried every time I played the slide show for review.   Then we cried again at the funeral home when everyone watched it too.  I also had the honor of writing out his obituary.   I prayed that the Lord guide me in my words as I began to write it out and that HE did.  HE really did guide me. 
He is with our Heavenly Father now. 
May you RIP Mr. Paz.
I hope everyone is doing good.  Remember to say “I Love You” to everyone you love.   Let them know how much you love them.  Hug your loved ones.
God Bless.  I’ll be posting more often.  Thanks to everyone of you who is still following and that you have not given up on me.  May you all be blessed! 
Ta Ta For Now!