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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yay! New Curtains and Transformed Fireplace!

Hey y’all!   How is your summer going?   We have been having a mellow summer and I’m thankful for that.   Our oldest son, along with our eighteen year old and our twelve year left this morning to Houston and I’m missing them already.  They’ll be gone for a week only but I feel so lost.  Ugh!  I think I will keep myself busy by painting everything I had planned before summer! 

Today, I’d like to share with you the curtains that I found for the living room and my transformed fireplace. 

This window had no curtains for a while.  I wanted that perfect set of curtains.  :)


I found these curtains at JCP.  The gold curtains have a subtle sheen to them and the sheers are white with an embroidered design to them.   The color on the wall is called “Tobacco Road”



I added a red and gold tassel to each side.  I love the color combination of red and gold!



I think they match perfectly with my fireplace redo as well.

Tobacco Road Paint

‘This is a “before” picture of the fireplace.  While I liked the mocha color, I didn’t think it looked good with the newly painted walls.  So out came the paintbrush and I proceeded to paint it! hee hee! :)

IMG_0061 (800x662) (800x662)[16] I painted the fireplace in Antique White by Behr.  I also dry brushed the same color (Tobacco Road) as the mantel on top of the Antique White. 


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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I truly appreciate everyone who stops by.  Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment.   Thank you!




Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloche Party!

Hello! Welcome to the Cloche party happening at  Marty's blog  I am so happy to be participating!  Please visit the link to her blog to see what everyone else is sharing with us!  This is the first time I use Blogger to write my posts.  I usually write my posts using Windows Live Writer so hopefully there are no mistakes in this post. 

My first cloche is this one.  I made this one at the beginning of spring and the flowers look just as pretty in the heat of summer. ha ha!

This petite cloche is sitting on top of my fireplace mantel.  I have little victorian looking roses in it. 

This one is also show casing a rose. :)

I used seashells in this one.  I also place the birds on top of the seashells. 

See the curtains?  I bought those for 9.99 at Ikea in Houston!  They were tab top curtains but I cut the tabs right off cause they didn't look right with the valance I have in the middle.  I like flowy white curtains in the spring and summer. :)

I hope you enjoyed the cloches I shared with ya! :) 
Did y'all check out the changes I made with our fireplace?  Check it out!
Until next time,



Changes on my Fireplace.

Hello everyone! How is your summer going? Today I am joining for Transformation Thursday!  Please visit this wonderful blog to see what everyone else is sharing with us.

Anyway,  I really hope y’all haven’t forgotten me.  Please accept my apology for not posting often.  I have been so busy with my husband and boys.  Our oldest son Jr is home for the summer from med school so we’ve been nonstop with him.  He won’t be able to come home next summer cause he’ll have to take classes in the summer too.  He is getting ready to do year two of med school!  I feel a little bit of melancholy when I think that he won’t be able to come like he did this year. 
I also feel a little bit “sad” if you will, cause I logged on to my blog and lost a follower.  Who could have left me?  I have to remember that it’s not about how many followers you have, is it? 
Anyway, I made a few changes on the fireplace.  You may remember that it used to be this color.
This is before:
IMG_0061 (800x662) (800x662)[16] 
And this is after:
I painted the mantel in Tobacco Road just like the walls.  The picture is from Kirklands. The “M”  and everything else is from Hobby Lobby.
I love it!
I love this picture!  I had been looking for something more scenic if that is a word and had seen another picture called “Country Bouquet” at Kirklands.  Well the picture was way too big for the fireplace.  I found this one and loved it just as much. 
Here is a close up of a little cloche I place on top of the mantel. :)
The color I used for the fireplace is called “Antique White” by Behr.  I then dry brushed tobacco road thru out the fireplace to give it that shaded look.  I also used a rag.  Can you see the shaded look?
Here is another picture that shows the shades a little better. 
I have started to have a thing for swans here lately!  I found this one at Home Goods in San Antonio, Tx when we were there shopping for my Caddy! :)  She sure is graceful, isn’t she? :) 

Well I hope y’all enjoyed my fireplace changes. Like I told my hubby  “This is the last time I paint my fireplace!” Ha ha! 
My next post is about the curtains I bought.  I had also bought two faux wood blinds from JCP but when they arrived, one of them was damaged so I’m waiting for another one. 
Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dorky Me!!

I had ordered some faux wood blinds for my living room and dining room and was soooo excited to get that call from JCP that they had arrived.  Off I go in my purty red Cadillac (See my previous post please. :) to pick them up.  Never once did I remember that the blinds are way too long to haul’em back in the car!  They measure 72 x 64!  OMGosh! Blond moment for me! No offense to the blonds. I’m a wanna be blond myself.  I totally forgot that I was not in my previous vehicle which was an Expedition!  The blinds  are like this big….see me measuring how wide they are? ha ha! And the trunk of the car is only this big…extending my hands out only a little bit.  I called hubby and asked him if he could pick them up when he gets out of work.  I’m sure they’ll fit in his big ole truck. ha ha! Can’t wait to install the blinds and the new curtains I just bought.  I’ll show you as soon as they are up.  I’ll have to beg my sweet hubby to put them up today before I leave tomorrow.  I’m going to Houston and meet up with our oldest, go shopping, and drive home Sunday just in time for 4th of July. :) 

If I don’t make another post tomorrow, I want everyone to have a wonderful Independence Day,  mes ami, mis amigas!

That means my friends! :)