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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rabbits are Showing Up!

Hello my friends!  Welcome to My Bella Rose!  Well the rabbits are finally showing up here at my home. 

Today I am linking up with Susan and Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch

Table Top Tuesday with Marty at A Stroll Thru Life, and

Rednesday at It's A Very Cherry World!  

Please visit these wonderful ladies for a list of all participants. 

This was my entrance table “before”  I think it looks ok but I wanted a change. 


I wanted more touches of red through out my house, including my entrance hallway.  After all, I am a “red” kind of gal.  :)  Love these white touches too.


This little egg has rabbits carved on it. :) Rabbits are popping up in my home. :)


I love these bunnies.  They have pretty lace through out. 


I added ribbon and tassels to my candlesticks.  I think it adds flair to them, don’t you think? :)


The faux flowers give it that extra special touch as well.  Love the gold flowers too. 



Now go visit the wonderful ladies hosting these fun parties!  Have a wonderful week!

Ta Ta For Now!


Aaaah! Last Day of February!

Today is February 28th.  It is welita’s birthday.  She was actually my husband’s grandmother but she was such a special lady.  So sweet.  So caring.  So full of love.  I always enjoyed talking to her.  She had the sweetest voice. My husband and I have been reminiscing and thinking about her.  Happy Birthday, welita (grandmother) 

We Love You!

Tomorrow is a new month and hopefully spring will be upon us soon.  It is a chilly and rainy day in my part of the world and I’m longing for warm days.  The wind is picking up and I can hear my wind chime making music.  It’s telling me spring is coming!  It will be here soon!  


Happy March everyone!


Ta Ta for Now:)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Yesterday, Today Sunshine.

Hi friends.  The sun is shining brightly and you’d be surprised if I told you that we had snow yesterday.  We had about 6 inches!  Of course this meant that the kids had a snow day because we are just not used to snow.  The whole state of Texas was shut down I’m sure.  My boys enjoyed making a snowman.   They threw snowballs at each other.   Before long, the next door neighbor kids were here and they played football as well.  I think this has been the coldest winter yet for us Texans. 




And look at this tiny snowman!  Some employees from Starbucks made him.  Isn’t he just darling?


I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  Thank you for visiting my humble blog. 

To those that visit my blog every day, thank you!  There is someone from Midland who visits my blog and I wonder who you are.  I am very touched that you come just about every day but would love to know who you are. :)  Are you a friend? A relative?  Either way, thank you.

Ta Ta For Now.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday

tabletop tuesday

Hello my friends! Welcome to Tabletop Tuesday hosted by our sweet friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life!  I am so happy that she has taken over Tabletop Tuesday.  She is such a sweet and gracious gal and I’m sure she’ll do a wonderful job. 

For this party, I’d like to share my little area of blues


After seeing some beautiful displays of blue and white thru out blog land, I had to start my own little collection.  I love it!  I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my blue and white collection.  The plate and candlestick were on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I saw them and I just had to have them. :)  I found the little pitcher at Goodwill. So cute and it only cost me 2.00!   The precious little spoon is from a Chinese restaurant.  My oldest son and I went out to eat and they were giving these spoons away. :) 


Thank you Marty, for hosting Tabletop Tuesday.  You guys make sure and pay Marty a visit.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Ta Ta For Now!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank You, ABBA.

What a beautiful day this is!  It is calm and peaceful and I feel the love.  The love from wonderful friends and family.   This love that we feel towards one another comes from God. :)  I truly believe that.   God’s love for us is even more intensified.  HE LOVES US!  HE wants the best for us!  In the midst of your day, listen.  Listen because HE wants to talk to us.  HE will guide us thru.  Find time to sit and reflect on the blessings you are given each day.  Thank the LORD for them.  Praise HIM at all times. 


Every person we bump into, people that we meet, that made such an impression in your heart,  you can bet it came from GOD.   I truly believe that. 

I got the sweetest call when I was sick with the flu and strep throat from a blogger friend.  Her name is Rose @   What a coincidence that we basically have the same name to our blog!  I love her blog name! :)  We talked for good while.  I’m sure my voice sounded horrible but she never complained.  I thank you, Rose.  She said my voice sounds like a little girl’s voice.  I thought “What? Even with the way it sounds now?” lol  Rose, you really made my day when you called, amiga.  I need to call you now that I sound normal. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day full of love.



Friday, February 19, 2010

It’s Not Speaking To Me…

*Big Blush Here*  Have you ever bought a piece of decorative item and love it but the color was just not right?   You decide to paint it or do something to it thinking that it’s going to awesome!  Yay!  So you paint it, get your sweet hubby to hang it for you and he obliges to hang it cause he loves you so much.  It’s hung and you think…….”I don’t like that color”  and so you hint around to your sweet and loving hubby that you are going to paint this piece yet again.  Friends, this is what I’m talking about.   I bought this topper and it was a gold color so I antiqued it a bit.  I liked it when it was all finished but when I had my loving hubby hang it up for me, it didn’t speak to me.  LOL You know what I’m talking about! 

IMG_0321 (800x457)

Here it is with the group.  I’m not finished yet cause I need to hang another frame on the other side but I just had to show you this topper.  I’m thinking of painting it like the sconce.  Should I paint it like the sconce or keep it the way it is?  Decisions!  Decisions!

IMG_0318 (800x600)

Here is a close-up of the sconce.  It is like an antique color, kwim?  

IMG_0322 (800x600)

Stay tuned!  Once I finish this area, I will show you the results. 

My “Mary Garden”

A few people have asked me about my “Mary Garden” and I decided to make a special post just for this.   A Mary Garden is a special area that you plant herbs, flowers, plants, and even trees that symbolize Jesus and Mary.  Most Mary Gardens are set in a semi-circle with a statue of Mary in the center. It is a place that can be your place of reflection, meditation, and prayer.  You can place a fountain around this area to muffle noise from vehicles.  The water trickling becomes a very soothing sound.  Try to have a bench in front of your semi-circle so that you   are able to sit and enjoy your “Mary Garden”.  
This practice of making Mary Gardens, dates back to the medieval period, when monks and nuns constructed closed garden shrines for the Blessed Mother.
Some of the flowers included in a Mary Garden are: Roses, Marigolds, Zinnias, Snapdragons, Cornflowers, Impatiens, Larkspur,  Forget-me-nots, Poppies, Morning Glories, and Petunias, are all associated with the Blessed Mother. There are many more are associated with Jesus and the Blessed Mother. 
My Mary Garden consists of Roses in the colors, red, white, pink, and gold.  Each color signifies something.  For instance, White is for “Mary’s Purity”  Red is Mary’s Sorrow and the Blood of Christ.  Gold is “Mary’s Glory”  and Red and White is “Visitation”  In my Mary Garden I have mainly roses because the rose symbolizes Mary herself.  She is known as “The Mystical Rose”  It is said that Roses and Lilies filled  Mary’s empty tomb when it was opened by the Apostles. 
Here are photos of mine.  This is more of a close up photo.  This statue is “Our Lady of Lourdes”.  Behind her, I planted a rosebush that are white roses.  When it is fully bloomed, it is stunning.  The white roses surround the statue and are just lovely and full of fragrance.   The flowers in front of Mary are Snapdragons which symbolize “Infant Jesus’ Shoes” :)

We used a stone that is white in color.  I do believe it is called Windsor and we purchased it at Lowe’s.   We placed solar lights around and have spot lights placed to light up my statue of Mary. 

I have little statues  and rocks thru out my garden. See the rabbit underneath the pink rose bush? :) Some of the Marigolds are by the little chair.


I have a statue of “St Francis of Assisi” as well.

We even placed a little fencing to keep the dogs from going in there.  I have rose bushes along the fence and a honeysuckle growing along the fence.  :)  I also plant geraniums in the bigger semi circle alongside the rosebushes.   Geraniums symbolize “Heart of Jesus, Gentle Virgin”.   I have Rose of Sharon along the left side of the fence.  Rose of Sharon symbolize Jesus. :)  To the left is a “Globe Willow” tree.  
Here is a wonderful link that you can read.  It contains every flower, herb, and any information you’d like to read about a “Mary Garden”.

I’m sure we’ll be adding more to our garden this year. Little by little:)
I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my “Mary Garden” and feel inspired to start your own.  It can be as big as mine or bigger…or as small as you’d like.  The size does not matter. :)  I would love to see your “Mary Garden” if you have one or if you start one.  Let me know. :)  Have a wonderful and blessed Friday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Hello everyone!  Today I will be linking with Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer.  You guys please visit her blog to visit the other participants for Outdoor Wednesday.
So this afternoon I thought and thought about what I could share with  you guys.  I looked all around.  I went outside and everything looks brown and dreary.   I thought to myself….”I guess I will not be playing Outdoor Wednesday”  and then I remembered some photos I took a  while back!
This is the childhood home of our 43rd United States president, George W. Bush.

IMG_0119 (800x600)

IMG_0118 (800x600)

My husband and I enjoyed taking our boys to visit our previous president’s childhood home.  Definitely, a piece of history they learned.  :)  Everything in the house is exactly as it was when they lived there.  The refridgerator, the stove, everything y'all! 
 Here is a link I'd like to share for when you have some free time. 
IMG_0117 (800x600)

IMG_0120 (800x600) 
  I hope you guys enjoyed this little piece of history.
Ta Ta For Now. :)

Hi Everyone!

It’s Fat Tuesday! What will you be doing on this day as we prepare for Lent season? I think i’ll make some pancakes for the kids today.  Dh won’t eat them so it’ll be the kids only.  onstage-fat-tuesday-cover-7

Well thank goodness I am finally over my flu and strep throat.  It took a good two weeks to get over it all.  I felt great yesterday and began cleaning my front yard and porch.  I am really looking forward to spring. :)  We are forecast to be in the 60s this week.  Woohoo!  I love being outside! I love working in my gardens.  I do not mind getting my hands dirty from planting and such.  :)  I really do enjoy it.  Dh told me yesterday that I should start pruning my rosebushes.  I do need to replace some because they look like they are not making it.  I’d love to plant some David Austin roses. :)  I think they are such a beautiful rose.  My tulips are starting to peak thru now.  Sigh, this tells me that spring is almost here.

My oldest son made a surprise visit over the weekend.  He is currently in medical school in Houston, Tx.  He arrived Thursday evening and we were completely surprised!  I think he made it a point of coming because I was so sick and he worries about me.  Yes, he’s my boy….my mama’s boy. :)  He has always been like that.  Always watching out for me.  I have to tell you this though!  My husband and I were sitting in our living room last Thursday when my 12 yr old said “Mama! Someone is walking thru our front yard!  A short kid!”  Right after that, we hear knocking on our front windows!  Dh got up ready to protect his family from this person.  I’m sure he put on his invisible cape and felt like superman ready to see who was out there.   Well it was our oldest son!  Oh my gosh!  We were surprised!  So happy that he came!  We spent the next few days just visiting and he told us about how his classes are going.  He is really enjoying medical school.  He said it’s not hard for him.  We knew that. :)  We went shopping and went out to eat.  Did I tell you that all of a sudden I felt so much better?! :)   I really enjoyed the few days he was here. :)  He left early yesterday and made it to Houston by 6:00 p.m.  It’s a good 9 to 10 hour drive from here.  Of course mama had to keep calling every hour to hour and a half to make sure he was alright. :)  Gosh, I miss him already.  Aaah, spring break will be here soon. :) 

Oooh! I can’t wait to post about a telephone call I received from one of my blogger friends!  She is such a sweetie!  I also need to share with you all on some things I changed around in my living room. 

I hope everyone is doing great!  I have a lot to catch up thru blogland!   Wow! This is a long post isn’t it? :)  Have a super and wonderful day, my friends!!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Strep Throat!

That’s what I have. :( 

On the upside, I should start feeling better soon. Looking forward to no pain and no fever.  

I miss reading blogs and responding to the

blogs I follow.  I miss my blogger friends. :(

Even with this pain, I managed to change my layout a bit. lol  I can’t seem to find something that I like and will keep for a long time.  For now, I am happy with the way this one looks.

I can’t wait to show you some things I changed in my living room Friday before I started feeling sick.

Have a wonderful Monday night, my friends..


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy birthday to my sweet husband. :)  Today is my hubby’s birthday but instead of me taking care of him, it’s him taking care of me.  I have come down with a nasty cold, I guess.    He’s such a good husband.  He even volunteered to make some chicken soup for me.  He said it would be easy to make.  Just open a can of Campbell’s and pour it into a pan to heat up.  That’s it.


As of last night, Nyquil and I have become good friends.   I was talking on the phone with my oldest son and I happened to mention to him that I felt a little bit achy as if I was going to get sick.  I dismissed it and just went to bed.  Oh boy! I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and checked my temperature cause I was feeling horrible.  I had 101.5 temp.  I knew I was coming down with something!   I immediately reached for Nyquil and went back to sleep.  Dh didn’t want to toast to it so it was just me toasting to myself.  hee hee


Hoping I feel better quickly because I really feel horrible.  Mothers are are not supposed to get sick, you know.  ugh  I hope it’s not the flu.  I did get a flu shot in the fall so crossing my fingers it’s not the flu. 

Send me some “get healthy” vibes please.  Have a good weekend, my friends.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Curio Cabinet Tutorial

Hi everyone.  Yesterday I posted pictures of my curio cabinet redo.  Here is that post for your convenience. :) 
IMG_0275 (625x800)
First, I made sure that my curio cabinet was all clean and free of dust.  These parts of Texas get pretty dusty. :)
I placed blue painter’s tape so that I wouldn’t paint the glass.  I used this primer because I ran out of white primer.  This one is Zinsser 123.  This one is actually for deep tint.  I’d rather use white primer.  IMG_0222 (600x800)
I applied two coats of “Cottage White” by Behr.  This is my favorite paint to use on my pieces of furniture when I want to paint them in a white shade.  IMG_0242 (600x800)
After I was finished painting, I let it dry completely before using the antique paint.   This is the product I used to antique my cabinet.  I bought mine at H.L. but I’m sure you can find it at Michael’s too.  IMG_0247 (800x600)
I like using these sponge brushes when I plan to antique a piece.  Just pour a little bit on the sponge and go to town. :) IMG_0248 (800x600)
Here is the antique paint that I applied.  Apply it where you want the antique look…especially thru the crevices. IMG_0249 (800x600)
After you apply the antique paint, go back and wipe it off with a dry cloth.  Just keep wiping.  I have a dry rag and a wet rag.  The wet rag will wipe even more of the antique paint off.  IMG_0250 (800x600)
Here is this section after I wipe it off with the wet rag. IMG_0259 (800x600)
Try not to feel overwhelmed with antiquing a piece of furniture or whatever piece you’d like.  Just keep applying the antique paint a section at a time.  Working a section at a time makes it so much easier. IMG_0262 (800x600)
And before you know it, you are finished!!  Woohoo! IMG_0265 (588x800)
My next project to paint is this.  Can you say yuck?  lol   This was given to us by a friend.  I will be using “Cottage White” paint on it as well.  I can’t wait to show you the after! 
IMG_0288 (800x770)

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Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Curio Cabinet Redo.

Hi everyone. 

I am so happy that I finally finished this project.  (Just a few hours ago, actually.)

Here is the “before” of what my curio cabinet looked like.  I had almost forgotten to take a “before” picture.  The pink color you see there is actually the primer I used.  I ran out of the white primer.  IMG_0219 (600x800)

This curio cabinet is exactly like the one above.  I have this one in the living room.  IMG_0233 (600x800)

and here are pictures of the “after” curio cabinet! I used “Cottage White” paint by Behr.  This is one of my favorite paints!  Love it!  The color on the wall is called “Brown Teepee” by Behr.  We find that Behr is a really good paint. :)IMG_0265 (588x800)

I love it!  IMG_0275 (625x800)

I had painted that little table a while back in the same color as the curio cabinet.  IMG_0285 (644x800)

I will be making a post as to how I painted my curio cabinet tomorrow. :) Stay tuned!

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I hope you enjoyed my little project.  Have a sweet day full of love.