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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aaaah! Last Day of February!

Today is February 28th.  It is welita’s birthday.  She was actually my husband’s grandmother but she was such a special lady.  So sweet.  So caring.  So full of love.  I always enjoyed talking to her.  She had the sweetest voice. My husband and I have been reminiscing and thinking about her.  Happy Birthday, welita (grandmother) 

We Love You!

Tomorrow is a new month and hopefully spring will be upon us soon.  It is a chilly and rainy day in my part of the world and I’m longing for warm days.  The wind is picking up and I can hear my wind chime making music.  It’s telling me spring is coming!  It will be here soon!  


Happy March everyone!


Ta Ta for Now:)


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