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Friday, February 19, 2010

My “Mary Garden”

A few people have asked me about my “Mary Garden” and I decided to make a special post just for this.   A Mary Garden is a special area that you plant herbs, flowers, plants, and even trees that symbolize Jesus and Mary.  Most Mary Gardens are set in a semi-circle with a statue of Mary in the center. It is a place that can be your place of reflection, meditation, and prayer.  You can place a fountain around this area to muffle noise from vehicles.  The water trickling becomes a very soothing sound.  Try to have a bench in front of your semi-circle so that you   are able to sit and enjoy your “Mary Garden”.  
This practice of making Mary Gardens, dates back to the medieval period, when monks and nuns constructed closed garden shrines for the Blessed Mother.
Some of the flowers included in a Mary Garden are: Roses, Marigolds, Zinnias, Snapdragons, Cornflowers, Impatiens, Larkspur,  Forget-me-nots, Poppies, Morning Glories, and Petunias, are all associated with the Blessed Mother. There are many more are associated with Jesus and the Blessed Mother. 
My Mary Garden consists of Roses in the colors, red, white, pink, and gold.  Each color signifies something.  For instance, White is for “Mary’s Purity”  Red is Mary’s Sorrow and the Blood of Christ.  Gold is “Mary’s Glory”  and Red and White is “Visitation”  In my Mary Garden I have mainly roses because the rose symbolizes Mary herself.  She is known as “The Mystical Rose”  It is said that Roses and Lilies filled  Mary’s empty tomb when it was opened by the Apostles. 
Here are photos of mine.  This is more of a close up photo.  This statue is “Our Lady of Lourdes”.  Behind her, I planted a rosebush that are white roses.  When it is fully bloomed, it is stunning.  The white roses surround the statue and are just lovely and full of fragrance.   The flowers in front of Mary are Snapdragons which symbolize “Infant Jesus’ Shoes” :)

We used a stone that is white in color.  I do believe it is called Windsor and we purchased it at Lowe’s.   We placed solar lights around and have spot lights placed to light up my statue of Mary. 

I have little statues  and rocks thru out my garden. See the rabbit underneath the pink rose bush? :) Some of the Marigolds are by the little chair.


I have a statue of “St Francis of Assisi” as well.

We even placed a little fencing to keep the dogs from going in there.  I have rose bushes along the fence and a honeysuckle growing along the fence.  :)  I also plant geraniums in the bigger semi circle alongside the rosebushes.   Geraniums symbolize “Heart of Jesus, Gentle Virgin”.   I have Rose of Sharon along the left side of the fence.  Rose of Sharon symbolize Jesus. :)  To the left is a “Globe Willow” tree.  
Here is a wonderful link that you can read.  It contains every flower, herb, and any information you’d like to read about a “Mary Garden”.

I’m sure we’ll be adding more to our garden this year. Little by little:)
I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my “Mary Garden” and feel inspired to start your own.  It can be as big as mine or bigger…or as small as you’d like.  The size does not matter. :)  I would love to see your “Mary Garden” if you have one or if you start one.  Let me know. :)  Have a wonderful and blessed Friday.


Sue said...

What a beautiful concept. I'm not familiar with this kind of garden at all. I love how you explained it and how everything is so symbolic. It is lovely.


Anonymous said...

Your Mary Garden is sooo beautiful! I learned a lot from your desription of it. The flowers are so awesome. I really like your statue of Mary and St. Francis. We have one of St. Francis. Thank you for sharing your wonderful garden : )