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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three or More Tuesday….Some of my Barbies

ThreeOrMoreTuesdayLogo Welcome to Three or More Tuesday hosted by the lovely Tam  at  Please visit the link to see the other participants’ posts. 

I’d like to share some of my Barbies.  :)  What is it about Barbies that even though we are now women, we still like to collect them?  I do, anyway. :)    I have just a few and I like to display mine.  I don’t like to have them in the box.  Too pretty to do that.

This is from the Illusion™ Barbie®
Masquerade Gala Collection .  I love this Barbie!  She is probably my favorite!IMG_3380


This is BARBIE Special MILLENNIUM PRINCESS~Happy New Year.IMG_3378

This is  a 1998 ANGEL OF JOY Barbie Doll .IMG_3379

Here is a Special Edition Golden Allure Barbie.  She looks like she needs to brush her hair!  The other one is a 1998 MATTEL BARBIE DOLL HAPPY HOLIDAYS BLACK GOWNIMG_3383

I have about three more that I didn’t take a picture of.  I haven’t bought a Barbie in a long while.  I need to buy one soon now!  :)

I hope everyone has a lovely Three or More Tuesday!



Unknown said...

Your barbies are so pretty! They have been a favorite of mine since I was 12. Isn't the black gown a bob mackie design?

Thanks for sharing!


Lady Katherine said...

Love your collection of Barbies! I never had one as a child, my girls had them and well, did not last the times. I do have a frontier Barbie, a friend bought for me, since I never had one.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Makes me wonder if my daughters still have any of their childhood Barbies? They sure don't look like they use to!

Lisa said...

I LOVED Barbies as a kid! And can you believe ,neither of my girls would have anything to do with Barbie. Such a disappointment.:(

The Stylish House said...

I have loved Barbie since I was small. She was my favorite toy as a child. I played with Barbie for hours and hours with my girlfriends in our backyard or under my dining room table during winter. This post really put a smile on my face and brought back happy memories. Cathy

Kathleen said...

They are beautiful! I never had one, I was the last of 4 girls, so what they had got passed down.
I only collect dishes, a very bad addiction! :)

Karen said...

Wow - after raising boys - I hadn't even thought about buying a Barbie JUST FOR ME!!!
(hehehe) Target here I come!!!!

Carrie said...

I know what you mean...Barbies are still fun to collect -- expecially the special edition ones like yours. They are all exquisite.
(I have the holiday one dressed in black and pink. Another one I have is Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy)