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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank Heaven for Rain!


It’s Outdoor Wednesday.  Please visit the lovely Susan at for more “Outdoor Wednesday” participants. 

It is down right pouring at this moment!  I am so thankful because there is nothing like rain water to nourish all my flowers, plants, grass, and trees.  I was about to go outside and take some pictures for Outdoor Wednesday but the rain came first.   I’m thankful though.  So I’ve got a couple of pictures I took yesterday of my little wheelbarrow I painted.  It used to be a brown color.  IMG_3506_1

and look at her now. :)  I spray painted her in Pistachio Green.  Love it!  I might do that to the bench too!IMG_3653



Enjoy your Outdoor Wednesday even if you end up having to stay indoors. :) 



The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sandra, that wheelbarrow is absolutely adorable! I like it sprayed green. It is so whimsical!

Happy that you got some rain. We've had a little more than I want, but not nearly like the flood like rains we had in early June. They did, however, leave the plants very lush as well as the lawns.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


Sheila :-)

ClassyChassy said...

Michigan has been blessed with rain this summer. 3 yrs ago we had a drought that was unlike any other previously in the state. Hay and grain prices skyrocketed. A garden that prospered was rare. Have a great day!

Cindy said...

Your wheelbarrow is very sweet in pistachio green. The bench would be too. Hugs ~cindy s~

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Sandra, I want to asked you do people call you Sandra or Sandy? My real name is Sandra, but people call me Sandy.

I think your wheelbarrow is so cute and I think the bench would look real nice painted. Give it a try, you can always paint it back to the original color.

You have a Great Day-

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sandra, I agree spray the bench too. It would look devine. Absolutely devine. You are getting rain? Could you bottle some up and send it my way? My plants are dieing in the heat. I water them everyday but it is sooo hot out here. Love the yard. Thanks so much for sharing, and for being such a wonderful friend. I cannot thank you enough. Stop by and say hi anytime. Country Hugs, Sherry

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Wow, that green paint is perfect on your planter...I think it would be nice on your pretty bench also....

Candy said...

Like that new color and think the bench would look great in p. green.

Wish we could have some of that rain, please enjoy it.

And thanks for your sweet comments. Candy

Ashley ~ said...

We too finally got some much needed rain last night. Everything is so fresh and clean feeling outdoors today. I love it*! I also love your little wheelbarrow, so pretty all freshly painted and planted with beautiful flowers. I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon my friend*! ((hugs))

Stacey said...

Hi Sandra. Your little garden cart is adorable. The cute shape shows up even more since you painted it. Smart move!

Regina said...

Lovely blooms and post.
Happy outdoor.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a lovely post. That wheelbarrow is too cute for words.

Mary said...

Hi Sandra, somehow I missed your post on Wednesday, but glad I found it today. Your wheelbarrow is adorable, and I love the shade of green you chose. I'll stop by again to what other pretty things you've done! And don't worry, you'll be fine after your son leaves the nest - it just takes a little time!