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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Grapevine and A Question….

For my blogger friend Tootsie. My question is at the bottom, Ms Tootsie.

I’m joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.  


Please visit her blog and be really inspired by all of her expertise on gardening! 

I was outside taking pictures when I noticed that the grapevine has many baby grapes!  When I planted this it was a tiny little plant. My plant is three years old and this is the first year we will have this many grapes. My, he has grown! I’m afraid that the little trellis behind it will topple over some day!  


See how tiny the grapes are?  They are all over the place though! 


So tiny yet captivating!


Look at that! What beauty! They are tiny now but they will be nurtured and grow to be big and beautiful.  Kind of like us.  We are nothing but little creatures but if we let our FATHER in HEAVEN take care of us and nurture us, we will grow spiritually.  :) We will see the beauty and goodness in what surrounds us. 


And what about these rosebushes?  I don’t know what happened?  Actually, I think they were damaged by the harsh winter we had.  :( 

Tootsie, what do you think?  Are my suspicions right?  I have four rose bushes (all in a row) that look like this.  Hubby said that we’ll have to pull them.  Ugh, my babies:(


See how narrow the leaves are? 


The rose bushes on the other side of my house are doing great.


I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Fertilizer Friday!



Anonymous said...

Those grapes will be bigger and tasty in no time.

Having had a lot of experience with losing plants - grrrr....but hey, that's part of living in Oregon....I'm just guessing from your photos that they may come back to their full beauty. If you don't mind looking at them looking so puny for this year, try cutting them back when it's safe to cut. Check with your local nursery because if you've had this issue, I'd bet they hear about it all time, people asking how to heal their roses.

We lost 10 bushes this past winter. Dead, so sad.

Sue said...

One of our past homes had a row of grapes in the back yard...they were so pretty when they were heavy on the vine.

Sorry about the roses:(

deb said...

Your grapes are looking great! Mine are just behind yours.
Sorry about your roses :(

Paula said...

Thanks for sharing your grapevine- I planted one last year and wondering how long it will take for it to take off. Love your pix! Paula in Idaho

Darla said...

Oh yeah, you need to build a grape arbor...can't help you with the roses.

Beth said...

Your photography is stunning. Enjoy your grapes! Good luck on the roses, don't give up on them yet!

Jeannie B. said...

Your grape plant makes me want to plant one!! Would love to see names of plants. I love the rose.

Alea Milham said...

Your grapes look great! My are just starting to produce leaves. I think I am going to have to pull some roses too, but I am going to give them a little more time, because I am contiually amazed by the miracle recoveries my plants make after harsh winters.

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Your grape vine looks Amazing!! So sad about your Roses:( Have a great weekend!

Noel Morata said...


i love all the little grapes, how exciting that you will be harvesting those in the end of the season!

thanks for sharing this today

Maureen said...

Your grapevine looks fabulous! Way ahead of mine!

Troy said...

Many times, I have seen a plant that looked like I should just give up on it, but then, when it came back, I was pleasantly surprised at all the goodness still left in it.

I think it's just like us, sometimes it looks like we are lost causes, but with a little love and a little faith, we can often spring back and show our worth.

Don't give up on your roses just yet, I think maybe with some love and care they have a lot of beauty still left in them.