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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy as a Bee! & Updates…


I hope y’all are having awesome weather and lots of fun times too!

I am linking this with Tootsie at Fertilizer Friday. 


I been busy as a bee


here from gardening , cleaning, to graduations, and just relaxing as well. 

I had been so so busy and would check in quickly on my favorite blogs right before I’d go to bed!  I hope y’all don’t forget me! ha ha!! 

I went shopping today for some plants and found a garden center that had their palm trees for 70% off!   I had to buy two of them and I planted these big babies!   They were so heavy!


Oh!  Check out the booboo I made!  I broke this pot from the bottom!  I bought this pot in Fredericksburg, Tx so I will have to make a trip soon to Fredericksburg *wink*  Hey I’ll take any excuse just to go there.   It is beautiful and just relaxing there. IMG_6581

  I also bought some hanging baskets for 5.88 each!  I picked three of those!    I placed two of them here for now.  I need to get a couple of liners though.  My rose bushes are definitely not thriving.  I still see green on them so hopefully they will make it.


Here is a close up of the hanging baskets.  I don’t even know what these plants are called??  The leaves feel really waxy and small pink flowers grow from this plant.  I was told that it is a great plant for full sun.  Hmm?  Any ideas?


These Geraniums are doing really great here! 


This is my little getaway in the morning and in the evening as the sun is setting. :)  Hmm?  I see a little space next to the window that I could add something like a pot of flowers.  hmmm?  :)


I had been asked by my wonderful blogger friends about my oldest son and how is med. school going.  Well……he finished first year!  He got thru all of the final exams with flying colors!   He said that this semester was the hardest for him though.  The reason it was hard is more of an emotional thing.  One of the classes he took was Neuro-Science and he had to learn about Alzheimer’s.   His grandpa (my father-in-law) was diagnosed, oh about three years ago.  You can imagine how hard it had to have been for my boy to learn about the different stages and so forth of Alzheimer’s. :)  He made it though and his grandma (my mother-in-law) is very proud of him, as we all are. :)

I also had a graduate from high school!  My third son graduated from high school and we are very proud of him!  His plans are to go to college for computer science.  He is really into computers and I know he will excel in this field! :) 

So there you have it:)  A little bit of updates.

I hope y’all are doing great.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Val said...

Congrats on your boys! You should be proud. I love all of your pics. I enjoyed visiting your blog.

Lemon Lane Studio said...

Your palms and hanging baskets are beautiful! Congratulations on your boys success.

Paula said...

What beautiful baskets! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I know you are very proud of your sons! This is such great news that your med school son is doing well and that your other graduated and plans to go to college!


Sheila :-)