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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cozy as Candlelight.

Hello everyone!  Remember me?  *wink*   I hope y’all are enjoying cooler weather.  Our weather is somewhat cool in the mornings but by afternoon it is in the upper eighties.   I hadn’t showed y’all my table arrangement with the candles lit up.  I finally bought some matches! ha!  Doesn’t it all look so cozy?  Aaah! I could sit there and sip a cup of coffee or hot tea. Mmm!   I also added some little styrofoam (balls?) to the bottom of each hurricane.  They’re red!   I found those at Dollar Tree.  


Well I hope you guys visit me tomorrow:)   I’m going to show you my fall garland and some little changes I made in the porch.   Marla, you’ll love my little changes. :D  Hint…Red! 

Y’all have a good evening!





Anonymous said...

Sipping tea late in the evening with all the lights out... yep... for hours! Tammy

Anonymous said...

Tease!! LOL

I love all the fall colors in your new header. I'll be waiting for the red........