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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From Carpet & Stick-On Tile to Ceramic Tile.

 Hi Y’all!  I hope you are doing great and surviving this heat! It’s hot in my parts of Texas!   We are slowly getting rid of the carpet in our house.  I’m so happy to finally have ceramic tile in the front entrance, dining room, living room, and kitchen.  So proud of hubby for all the hard work! I helped too. :D  We had the peel on stick tile and let me tell you it was a doozy to take it off! 

This was the kitchen and I scraped the old tile off! What a job! Can you see the horrendous carpet?  Ok, maybe not horrendous but I was ready to get rid of it. ha!


After hubby popped the lines to make sure that he placed the tiles straight, he began the task of installing the new tile!  Woohoo!  Hubby!

Fall Creek Suede Ceramic Tile

Look at him work! Looking good hubby! :)


My sweet hubby taking the flagstone off.  What a job!  Kudos to him for persisting and not giving up! lol


After we took off the carpet in the living room, we found the same stick on tile underneath! ugh! More work but we finished!


See that tool on the bottom right?  We used that tool to scrape off the glue!   Hubby was using another tool that scrapes off the tile.  It was so much easier to scrape off the tile with that tool! lol


And this is the tile we decided to use.  It is 18 x 18 and is called Fall Creek Suede from Lowes.  Lub it! Lub it! Lub it! 

Fall Creek Suede Ceramic Tile

Look at the tile now! Lub it!  We still need to add baseboard but it sho is looking good, don’t you think? “wink” “wink” We are also planning on putting crown molding.   The wall color is Tobacco Road and it was mixed at Sherwin Williams. 


I also wanted to share this picture.  This is an accent color we chose from the same color strip as Tobacco Road.  This color is called Dried Tobacco.  Got both mixed at Sherwin Williams.  You can see both colors there.  Tobacco Road looks off in this picture.   But…. I love love how my house is finally coming along!   We will be putting crown molding soon.

Dried Tobacco Paint

Oh my gosh! I love the tile!  The wall color is Tobacco Road.  And you can see the little accent wall with the color Dried Tobacco.  Basically, the whole house is now painted in Tobacco Road with the exception of two bedrooms….the boys’ bedrooms. ha!  I let them choose another color for their rooms.   Next time, I will share what we have done to the house and what a change it has gone thru!

Tobacco Road

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June said...

Oh my goodness this is beautiful Sandra! What a lot of work it had to be though. But a huge payoff!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Love the new tile sweet friend. I've been thinking about you and all the HEAT down in Texas. We're dying here in Oklahoma! :(



Debbiedoos said...

Sandra that looks so awesome. You must be so happy with the results.

Always Nesting said...

Oh Sandra! Beautiful, just beautiful. Perfect choices. You know we share the same taste in home colors and I gotta tell you I'm loving the darker Dried Tobacco.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sandra! Your walls and floors look stunning! You two should be soooo proud! Good for you. My son in law did ours, bless his heart but then we are OLD! :) It's really sort of nice being a senior because..well, there are a few perks. Shhhh...not telling them I don't need them.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

What a difference! Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! Enjoy it!

Sue said...

It is gorgeous! Don't you just love it when a project turns out to be as good or better than you hoped! I love tile!