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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello! My First Blog Post!

Hello! This is as good a day to finally start posting on my blog. What a beautiful day today is! We attended church this morning and it was beautiful as always. :)

I'd like to share some pictures of my "Mary Garden" These pics are from last year. And my beautiful statue of Mary was not even in place. I do want to share these pics so you get an idea of what it looks like. I love working in my garden and even sit down to pray and meditate about the wonderful blessings our Heavenly Father gives us. :)

Here is the first picture. This is the main part of my Mary Garden. My statue of Mary is now set right up on the smaller semi circular area.

Here are a couple of close up pictures of some of the flowers and statues.

Don't you just love the little chairs?

And this is a closeup of one of my many roses. I'm sure I have over 30 rosebushes. I love love roses! :)

By the end of summer, my "Mary Garden" was full of roses and other flowers I had planted! It was breathtaking!

Thanks so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day. God Bless:)


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Your garden looks beautiful. I also love roses, but right now don't have any :( Soon I am sure you will be busy again with gardening. Thank you for visiting and please come again. I will be back to visit you also! Have a wonderful week!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice to meet you. Your garden is wonderful. I just planted a "Charisma" floribunda rose, orange and red coloring. Thanks for stopping by,and don't be a stranger.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have only been blogging since October, so I'm just getting used to getting around the world of Blogland myself. You have a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing and it's nice to 'meet' you.


Samantha said...

Hi Sandra,
I just found your blog, so nice to meet you. I am also new to blogging, but am really enjoying it.
Your garden is beautiful !
Come by and visit my blog, I would enjoy following yours. Blessings~

Donna Lynn said...

Welcome! You already are way ahead of the game, and have a beautiful blog page! I enjoyed my visit to you very much, I have three sons and would of loved many more, they are the best! God is so good.

Donna Lynn

Charlene said...

WELCOME! Always great to meet new bloggers! I loved your first post. Your garden is lovely. And I know here in Texas Spring is out in full glory so you have flowers filling your garden already. I know I do. I hope you enjoy your blogging as much as I do. I saw you a Cielo's. Isn't she a dear one! Have a great week!

Charlene said...

Thank you so much for coming by to visit. Yes, the dog you asked about is Miss Reba & she is a 13 year old Sheltie. She is my 3rd Sheltie but, my first female. I love Shelties so much! But the hair is enough to drive you insane! And since you have two I know you are feeling my pain. Have a great week.

Stacey said...

Hi Sandra! Thanks for coming by to visit me today. I just took a quick tour of your blog. Welcome to blog world!! If you are like me, you've been lurking awhile. Isn't it fun? Warning though it can take all of your time if you let it.

Your dining room looks great. I love, love, love your lamp from Fredricksburg. Love your white dishes too. Way to go on the hutch purchase!!

I always feel a little connection to Texas girls. I'm a TX girl myself but we've lived in Oklahoma for 20 years.