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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I’m Transitioning Into Fall!

At least inside my home. :)  Hello friends.  How is everyone doing?  Well I’m really looking forward to fall…cooler weather, love it!  It’s still a ways from getting cooler here in Texas but I sure am looking forward to it! 

Question:  Do the candles look awkward on the end?  Should I put them before the pears or should I just take them off? 

Hmm?  After seeing these photos, I think I’m going to paint the picture frame. You see the picture above the mantel?  I think a bronze or like the color surrounding the picture itself, kwim?  It is more of an espresso color.  What do you think?IMG_3936

I finally distressed these and I love how they look now!IMG_3950

Fall will be here before you know it! What kind of weather do you have in the fall?  Our weather turns into a tad cooler nights and mornings and sunshine during the day.  We do have more warm days than cool days though.  IMG_3915

My entrance hallway is not completely decked out for the fall yet.  What a change these fall colors make though!IMG_3918

I took some of the flowers off from a fall spray and just put them inside my apothecary jar.  Love it! IMG_3919 

These are two sprays and I placed them next to the apothecary jar.  My fall sprays and the rest of the fall decor came from Hobby Lobby.   I don’t remember seeing these sprays last year there?  So pretty! I love the colors!IMG_3921

I need to head into the garage and look for all of my fall decors!  Wish me luck, y’all!  I might get lost in all of my hubby’s things! 

Happy Thursday!



PAT said...

This is pretty Sandra. I'm ready for fall and fall decorating!

I think your idea for painting the frame, is great. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

Amy said...

Hi Sandra,
I love your fall decorations. Isn't it just wonderful to get out all the fall things and put them all around the house? I think this weekend I am going to get some yummy candles with scents like apple cinnamon and vanilla caramel. I just love fall! I can see that you do too. Happy decorating. Amy :)

Stacey said...

Cute! I'm trying to get in the mood too. It has been such a beautiful August here. It has been cooler than usual so it's easy to imagine fall.

Unknown said...

These are pretty. The flowers are perfect for late summer. I need to start thinking about that!