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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Roosters Go Marching…


Hello!  Welcome to the rooster party going on at  Please visit her to see a complete list of everyone participating!  I am looking forward to visiting every single blog and see the different roosters. :) 

To the tune of “The Ants Go Marching”

The roosters go marching one by one.
Hoorah! Hoorah!
The roosters go marching one by one.
Hoorah! Hoorah!
The roosters go marching one by one;
The little one stops to suck his thumb,
And they all go marching down into the ground
To get out of the rain.
Boom, boom, boom, boom!

I’m very excited to be part of the rooster party that the lovely Barb is hosting! 

First, I’d like to share my little roosters along my window sill.  They love to watch and see what is going on outside.  IMG_3977 

And then to the left of the window, we have this hunk of a rooster keeping an eye on things.  He has to keep order or the lady of the house will be very upset. :)  Check out my towel holder. :)IMG_3969

These match my towel holder.  And………they’re red! IMG_3991

To the right, is a picture that I found at Hobby Lobby.  :)IMG_3978

I just found this little lamp and candle holders at Hobby Lobby.  The rooster to the right came from Home Goods.  I really splurged at that store when we went to Houston!  We don’t have a Home Goods in these parts of Texas.  :D  IMG_3979

A close up of this fall collection from Hobby Lobby.  So pretty!  IMG_3980

How about these fellows?  These pitchers are ready to be used for whatever you’d like to drink.  :)IMG_3988

Would you like a cookie  from this proud rooster?IMG_3987

I can’t leave these out.  They want to be part of the party too. :) IMG_3965 

A close up of these plates.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby.IMG_3966

And then to the other wall are these plates. :) IMG_3963  

A close up of the plates. :)IMG_3962

And last but not least, are these plates.  I bought them from Ebay a long time ago. :)IMG_3960

Soooo?  Do I have a lot of roosters?  Naaaah…but I wouldn’t be able to add more to the group. :)

I had a lot of fun participating and I’m looking forward to visiting the other participants. 




Barb said...

Hi Sandra, what a beautiful selection of roosters you have. I love all the colors and they are all so perky! Is that why we love roosters? Ha. Just delightful...every one of them.

Thanks so much for joining us and being a special part of this day!

Hugs, Barb

Lisa said...

You have a great collection! I see you like plates. Me too!:0) I love your chalkboard tray! That is so cute! Did you make that? It's precious!

Tootsie said...

am I the ONLY one who doesn't have a huge rooster collection!!!!? I collect pretty much everything else!!! lol
great photos...huge collection!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I LOVE your Rooster plates! You have quite a collection going.

Ana said...

Hi Sandra,
You have a very nice collection of roosters. I love, love, love your rooster pitchers...sooo cute. I too am participating in the "Show Your Rooster Party". How fun!!!! Thank you for becoming a follower at A Petite Cottage and for your lovely comment. Please come back and visit real soon. Have a wonderful Sunday.

♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Sandra,
You have a wonderful rooster collection! Love the plates and the big guy on your counter. This party is so much fun, isn't it? Happy Rooster Day!


Cindy said...

You have a lot of great roosters and I love how you have them displayed! I need to check out Hobby Lobby for the lamp-love it! The rooster pitchers are too cool!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What great fun to see all of your collection and you have them in such pretty vignettes. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

Candy said...

WOW! So far you have the most I've seen. Love the colors and the rich red walls. You sure have something to strut about ;-)

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Sandra!! You have so many pretty ones. What a great idea having them on the window sill!! I bet they look awesome at night, inside and out, just their sillhoettes!! My favorite is the blue and white one. I like something a little different!

Lovely blog!! Congrats on your son going to med school! I wish one of mine would so I could have someone take care of me when I am old!! lol!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Those plates with the checkerboard rims were at my Goodwill this week but I didn't get them! Now I wish I did since they look so great in your house!Great rooster stuff! I like how you have them gathered on your windowsill.


Lara Harris said...

Love your little collection on the window :)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Sandra! Love all the roosters here today! I think my favorites would be the white rooster pitchers, and the rooster dishes! Hope you've been enjoying all the rooster festivities, and that you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

Martha said...

You have a great collection of roosters!

Rhondi said...

Hi Sandra
WHat a wonderful collection of roosters. I love the black and white one and the red towel holder.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have a grand collection of pretty roosters!

I like your rooster song too, now it's on my mind and I'll be singing it all night! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra! What a beautiful collection you have!!!! I adore the plates with the blk/wht check edge! So pretty! Have a great Sunday - Sincerely, Jeannette

JKW said...

So many different kinds of roosters. I love them. But the Big guy, Whew, he's too cool. Blessings, Janet

Barb said...

I am loving your rooster collection.
You have some that are very unique.


Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight! I really enjoyed looking at your vast collection of roosters. They look great on the windowsill...but I think my favorite is the black and white one.

Bearly Sane said...

Hi Sandra...some great roosters you have there...thanks for sharing.
Sandi - My Roosters Party On

Ms. Bake-it said...

Hello Sandra,

You have a very nice collection of roosters. I love your rooster pitchers! They are quite adorable! I also love the blue and white cookie jar! Would definitely love to have one like it in my small collection!

~ Tracy

Tracy said...

Hi Sandra,

I love the cookie jar, and you are making me wish that we had Hobby Lobby up north! You have a great collection!

Shannon said...

What a great collection! I love all of your roosters. Those white pitchers are my favorite. :)

Rosy Inspiration said...

Wow! What a collection of roosters! You must love them. I enjoyed looking at them, they are gorgeous. Have a great day!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Loved all your roosters!!! The white pitcher ones are so cute. I gotta find me some like those. I enjoyed viewing all of your collection. P.S. I'm sure you could continue to add one here and there!! Te He!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a lovely collection of Roosters! Thanks for sharing.

Irma :)