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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dorky Me!!

I had ordered some faux wood blinds for my living room and dining room and was soooo excited to get that call from JCP that they had arrived.  Off I go in my purty red Cadillac (See my previous post please. :) to pick them up.  Never once did I remember that the blinds are way too long to haul’em back in the car!  They measure 72 x 64!  OMGosh! Blond moment for me! No offense to the blonds. I’m a wanna be blond myself.  I totally forgot that I was not in my previous vehicle which was an Expedition!  The blinds  are like this big….see me measuring how wide they are? ha ha! And the trunk of the car is only this big…extending my hands out only a little bit.  I called hubby and asked him if he could pick them up when he gets out of work.  I’m sure they’ll fit in his big ole truck. ha ha! Can’t wait to install the blinds and the new curtains I just bought.  I’ll show you as soon as they are up.  I’ll have to beg my sweet hubby to put them up today before I leave tomorrow.  I’m going to Houston and meet up with our oldest, go shopping, and drive home Sunday just in time for 4th of July. :) 

If I don’t make another post tomorrow, I want everyone to have a wonderful Independence Day,  mes ami, mis amigas!

That means my friends! :) 




Kristens Creations said...

lol...I have alot of blonde moments as well! Have fun in Houston!

Thanks for checking out our Disney's a fun place! I am thankful to my parents for taking us. I hope you get to go's definitly something to see!! Although, I think we will go somewhere more relaxing for our next vacation. Have a great rest of the day! Kristen

Ana said...

Hola Amiga,
I can tell you're excited about your new blinds ;-) You'll have to show them to us when they're up. Have a safe trip to Houston and back my friend, and have a awesome 4th of July weekend. Oh, and before I forget, you asked me on the comment you left me today if that was me...Yeah, it is...many, many, many moons ago :-)


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Can't wait to see!


Sheila :-)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

LOL! Have a wonderful 4th!