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Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Recycled Red Wagon!

Hi y’all!  Check out what I worked on today!  My older boys played and played with this wagon when they were very young.   They’re now in their twenties. lol  I didn’t want to just throw it away, kwim?  It was too special to do that.  So I thought of recycling it and planted some pretties in it.  :)  I love it!!




I can’t wait until the pretties really take off and fill it up. :)

Have a good night!  Gotta get to bed to get up early for church.  Everyone have a blessed Sunday.



CIELO said...

So pretty... love that enchanted little corner in your garden... blessings to you and yours dear Sandra...



Kris said...

Love that you've repurposed the red wagon. What great memories and now you get to watch flowers grow and blossom as you did your boys.


Patina said...

Your wagon will look wonderful with all the pretty flowers falling over the sides. Good idea!

Unknown said...

Great idea! Warm wishes for a happy holiday weekend, Esther

Ginny said...

I think that is a wonderful idea for that wagon! It will look super nice when the flowers are growing all over it and down the sides. Love it!