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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharing my roses….


Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying warmer weather in your area.  

I am linking with Marla with Woo hoo Wednesday 


and Tootsie with Fertilizer Friday.


Please visit these lovely blogs.  :)

Woohoo!! My white roses are all blooming!  Oh I wish you could smell these! 


This one is climbing on an arbor in my Mary Garden. :)  It is more of a coral color.   


A close-up. :)


This climber is doing a great job of showing off!


Take time to smell the roses. :)





Anonymous said...

Sandra they are beautiful!! I love all your new blog decor - the header and sides are awesome. Looks like spring has sprung around your house :) Thanks so much for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Sandra, your flowers are beautiful!! I love all your new blog attire - the background and header are lovely. Thanks so much for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

Laura said...

Hi Sandra-
How in the world do you get your roses to bloom like that??

Do you feed often?

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BREN said...

I followed a link from my dear friend Glenda's Tootsie time site to your page. I love your blog photos. Your roses are amazing. Would love to make the Garden connection with you so stop by my blog sometime at

Anonymous said...

Oh, what gorgeous roses. My goodness, your bushes are full!

Bonnie said...

I wish I could smell them too. They look amazing!

Beth said...

Your roses are stunning, Sandra! Loving the view!!!

Lemon Lane Studio said...

Your roses are gorgeous. I'm sure they smell heavenly!

Maureen said...

That coral color is amazing.

Paula said...

Wow your roses are amazing - I am totally amazed by them - thaks for sharing such lovely blooms, Paula from Idaho