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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Someone’s Baby!

Blogger friends, a Yorkie showed up at our house this evening.  Ugh, I’m sure someone is missing their baby.  I know I’d be freaking out if my babies Shih tzu  Skipper and Chloe were gone. 


Isn’t she a cutie??  Look at that precious face!

She is well taken care of.


Aw, we have to find her owners.   My boys have gone up and down our street to find her owners but no luck yet.  Cross your fingers that I find them soon, please.



Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Sandra, my heart goes out to his family! Thank goodness, he found you, one that cares and will take care of him!


Anonymous said...

Someone is crying for their baby. Glad this little one is safe in your hands till the real "mom" finds her.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Sandra, I would do four things. I would notify the pound in case someone is frantically calling and looking for their dog. I would also call the local humane society and tell them you found a yorkie. Third, I would take her to the vet and see if she is micro-chipped. You are so sweet to keep her and try to find her owner. Chances are, though, she could have wandered for miles. And I would also notify Yorkie Rescue in your area or state. Someone might have called them.

Once years ago, my collie got out without her collar on (I had taken it off to give her a bath the afternoon before), and she followed the girl across the street to the drug store where the girl worked. The girl rode her bike, and my collie, being the friendly dog she was, went trotting along behind. This was over a mile from home. Then the girl went into her job and left my collie on the sidewalk.

My poor collie kept trying to go into the beauty shop, and one of the beauticians shared her lunch with her. She was gorgeous and looked just like Lassie, and they were all talking about it. After she disappeared, my mother went to have her hair done, and that's when we realized my dog had been there.

After being there the better part of the day, someone saw her and picked her up and took her to another town.

We found out that a radio station had a thing called "Pet Parade" where they would let you describe your lost pet, and I did and said there was a reward. Someone heard it and told the lady, and we got our dog back. I went to the pound every day, and I cried myself to sleep every night for weeks before I got her back, but I knew she had to be out there somewhere.

I just think what you're doing is great, and I hope you find them soon! Bless you!


Sheila :-)

Rebecca Nelson said...

Oh Sandra...

PLEASE don't stop looking for the owners of this beauty. I have a Yorkie and a couple of years my mother was watching her and she got away while she wasn't looking. A lady found my baby girl walking on a major highway here in Edmond and called the # on her tag. We were out of state at the time and when she couldn't reach us brought her to our home. Our son-in-law to be at the time was watering our yard and we ended up getting her back safe and sound. I cried for HOURS AND HOURS worrying about her.

Thank you for posting this. Someone out there IS brokenhearted and there are many a peep that would never ever look for the pet parent.

Bless you, friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra! Oh, poor little precious thing! I'm sure he belongs to someone and they are probably so sad to be missing their tiny baby! I do hope you can find them.
Little fuzzy cuteness is good hands until his family is found, I know.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for taking care of it til you can find the owner. It is probably not use to being out and could easily be hurt.
Enjoy your weekend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sandra:
I agree with Sheila...take the pup to the vet and let them scan it for a microchip. My lab doesn't usually wear a collar, as she's never unattended outside, but if she got away, I'd hope someone would think to scan my old girl.

So good of you to take care of the wayward doglet until you find the rightful owners. There's a special place for people who care for lost animals, my dear.

Please do let us know the result of this little adventure.