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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flaunt Your Reds!



Hello!  Welcome to Flaunt Your Reds.   Our host  this month is  the lovely Stacey at Poofing the Pillows. Please visit her blog for a list of all the participants.

Last time I participated for the 1st time and showed you all my fireplace among other reds.  :)

This time I’d like to show you one of my walls in my kitchen.  It is the same color as my fireplace.  That is my soon to be medical student son sitting outside enjoying the rain. :)  From looking at this picture, I think I need to add something above the entryway, don’t you think?  A picture, a topper, something.  lol

See the chandelier?  I’d like to paint it and after reading someone’s blog about her painting her chandelier, I’m even more determined to paint mine. :)IMG_3146

As you can tell, I love roosters!   I am looking forward to changing my ugly counter top and backsplash!  Aaah, someday….sigh……..IMG_3147

Then we go to my bedroom.   I love the red panels with the zebra panels.  I made the zebra panels myself. :)  And there is my sewing machine.  It is just a few months old.  If you’re ever in the market for a sewing machine, look into getting a Janome.  Please excuse the exercise machine. *blush*IMG_3155


A closeup of my panels. IMG_3151

I hope you guys enjoy all the reds.  Please visit the other participants of Flaunt Your Reds :)




Stacey said...

Sandra, thank you so much for joining in. I really enjoyed seeing your touches of red. Your plates on the red wall are really pretty. Love that zebra too!

I read your profile earlier and realized you have 6 sons. I know you are very proud!!

Melissa Miller said...

How beautiful Sandra!
You have a gorgeous red dining room and I adore your drapes. I am really liking the all the animal prints lately.

You know me. The more toppers the better...LOL!
I think it would look very pretty.

Happy FYRED Day!
~Melissa :)

The Stylish House said...

Hi Sandra,
What a pretty shade of red on your walls! It is dramatic but not harsh. Count me in, because I am a big rooster fan also! ~Cathy~

Melissa Miller said...

Thanks Sandra!
I have gotten so many ideas from other bloggers as well.
It's really fun! :)

Donna Lynn said...

Lovely red post, great wall color, and I too am a rooster fan!
Hope your having a great Spring so far, blessings on you and your whole gang of men!
Donna Lynn

Anonymous said...

When I saw you are from Texas I just had to stop by and say hi. Hubby and I married and had 2 of 3 daughters there. Lots of family there, mainly west Texas.

Thanks for sharing the red. One of my favorite colors. I couldn't get red pics together since I added a new post last night and blogging takes me forever! :)

Melissa Marie said...

I spotted a patriotic rooster that I think I'm in love with! ;) Love your red!

Candy said...

That black and white zebra makes the RED pop. I too get inspiration while visiting are different blogs.

Flauntin' RED,

Barb said...

Hi Sandra, I really like your reds. The red wall and rooster are just fab. Everything is so pretty.


Lisa said...

You crafty girl! Your draperies are lovely!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Gm and Happy FYRF! That little red/white/blue rooster is fantastic and you know I love those plates you have above your window :0)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have you! I saw your comment on a winter post. Oregon is so different in climate than Texas. I don't miss Texas summer heat but you sure have wonderful cool, sunny days in winter. And oh how I miss the good food! One of my husband's favorite stories is of visiting his grandma and her just whipping up chile rellenos like it was effortless. Yum!

Brenda Pruitt said...

When I saw that door and your saying you thought you needed something over it, what instantly came to mind for me was one of those white grill decor pieces. Don't know exactly what they're called. Made of steel I think though. A curlicued one would look pretty over the angles of your door. I love things with hens and roosters. A girl after my own heart!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Beautiful splashes of red. So dramatic. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Ashley ~ said...

Hey Sandra, I love seeing your pretty reds here and there throughout your home. So pretty*!
Thanks for the tour*! _Ashley ~

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am loving all of your red lovely!!! I love the red walls in your dining room so warm and wonderful!!!

I am so glad that you shared you red with us today!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!